Are You Ready for a Privacy Impact Assessment?

Verify™ PIA: Canada's Quickest Privacy Impact Assessment

Why Choose Verify™ PIA?

A privacy impact assessment (PIA) earns organizational trust by establishing legitimacy, compliance and privacy. From start-ups to enterprises, Privacy Risk Assessments using the Verify™ PIA methodology remain Canada's most flexible trustmarks for building crediblity.

Professionally Managed PIA

MPC has built a systematic process for conducting Verify™ PIA projects, from preliminary assessment to final report, expertly managed by certified privacy professionals.

Confidential PIA Reports

The shareable Verify™ PIA Statement of Trust is the only document you need to present & share. The Confidential PIA Report includes prioritized findings for easy remediation.

Secure Privacy Dashboard

Verify™ clients receive year-round support, on-demand, through the MPC PrivacyDash™. The customized platform includes privacy policies, standards, training and educational documents.